Invite New User

How to create and onboard new user in Officexlr Platform
To Add New User in your Officexlr Workspace:
  1. 1.
    Click on "User" in Left-side panel of your Desk.
Open User List
2. You will be landed to List view of the Users, here you can see all the users of your workspace.
3. Click on "New" button on Action bar.
Create New User
4. Pop-up dialogue for Add New User will appear on the screen.
5. Now, Provide details about your User i.e. Name, Email Address, User Type, and Assign Roles to New User.
Add new user form
In Officexlr, there are two user types: System User and System Manager.
System Manager can create, update, delete other Users. And
System User cannot Add/Invite, create, update, delete, Users in the workspace.
You can create custom Roles to assign permissions to your users.
- After providing the Details, Click on "Done" Button and the User will be notified by an email with New Password creation link. (By clicking on the link received in the email, User can set new password for the Officexlr Account)