Managing Role Permissions

Create custom roles > Configure Role Permissions > Assign Roles to the User

Create New Role

To Create Custom Role:
1. Navigate and Click on "Permission Manager" in Main Menu (left-side panel in your Desk)
Open Permission Manager
2. In Permission Manager, Click on "New Role" Button in Action bar.
Create New Role
3. After clicking on "New Role" button, Pop-up window for "Add New Role" will appear on screen.
4. Enter the desired name for your New role (For example, Sales Manager, Sales User, Accounts User etc.), and click on "Create" button.
Add New Role
After creation of Role, your created role will be visible in the Role Selection Drop-down options in Permission Manager.

Configure Role Permissions

In Officexlr, you can Assign Set of Doctype based Permissions to the Custom Roles, further you can assign multiple roles to the User.
To create or update Role-Permission rules:
1. Go to Permission Manager, by navigating from Left side panel of your Officexlr Desk.
Open Permission Manager
2. In Permission Manager, select "Doctype" which you wish to authorise, and then select the "Role" who can be authorised to the selected Doctype.
3. Click on "Add Rule" Button.
Add Rule
After clicking on "Add Rule" button, configurable permission rule for selected Doctype and Role will be added as a new row.
Update Permissions
You can configure the permissions in rule row by selecting or deselecting the permissions, Your changes will be saved automatically.

Assign Roles to User

1. Go to User List, by clicking on "Users" option in left side panel from your Desk
Open User List
2. In User List, Select existing user, to which you wish to assign the roles, or create new user by clicking on "New" button.
3. User Dialogue will be visible in pop-up window.
4. Select suitable roles in "User Roles" drop-down menu (You can assign multiple Roles to a User), and click on "Done" button.
5. All the permission rules assigned to the respective role will be applicable to the user after assigning the role.
Only Users with User Type as System Manager are allowed to assign roles.