Getting Started with Officexlr

Officexlr is a Low-code development platform which will help you to build your own application as per your business need, you don’t need to learn or write a code to build an application with Officexlr. Officexlr gives you the power to create flexible apps to collect and process your information, get KPI Insights or MIS Reports and design the multi-level approval workflow, all in one place.
Whether you are Owning a Restaurant or Shop, Technology Startup, Manufacturing Business, IT Support or Service, or Enterprise Company. Officexlr will help you to manage your data in organised manner, and get actionable insights.

Structure of Officexlr

Understanding the structure of Officexlr
Workspace is a collection of apps shared among authorised users, It is a instance or a spacial setup of Officexlr platform created for your organisation at the time of signup with unique subdomain or URL. (
App is a collection of Doctypes and Reports, Apps can be created by Users with System Administrator Role. Multiple apps can be created in a Workspace, you can create separate apps depending on your business operations or purpose.
Doctype is a collection of Data fields, which enables you to Collect and Store the Data, Doctype has different views : Form View, List View.
Also, user can create Reports based on data fields in Doctypes.